Regal. Luxurious. Delicious. Our tea is both a drink and an experience.

Queens' Tea founders J Seth Anderson and Michael Adam Ferguson

Queens' Tea founders J Seth Anderson and Michael Adam Ferguson

As the world’s most widely consumed beverage, the varieties of tea are endless. The Queens’ Tea bridges peoples and cultures, bringing them together by sharing the worldwide variations of this exquisite drink. And since it has been cherished for thousands of years, tea rekindles our connection to history, the earth, and each other. Indeed, tea is the original social media.™

As one of the world’s best superfoods, the rich antioxidant and nutrient content in tea are naturally calorie-free. We take great care to provide you the freshest whole-leaf goodness that maximizes all of those healthy qualities. From our leaves to your cup, it’s a difference you can see and taste.

Which brings us to the number one reason you’ll love our teas: the flavors are incredible. Having searched the Far East, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest loose leaf blends. Our original blends and premium loose-leaf selections will take you on a journey through the living archeology of greens, blacks, whites, oolongs, pu-erhs, and herbals. Whether it’s your first sip, or the culmination of a lifetime of brewing, you will discover an experience fit for royalty.

So, come—indulge yourself.  The perfect cup is waiting for you!