Blue Tea Bag


A Salt Lake City Classic

A literary book club started in the 1880’s in Utah. Dedicated to literary purism and mental culture, the group was the forerunner of the current Ladies Literary Book Club in Salt Lake. 

We made this tea as a tribute to the hard working souls in all of us. Cheers to all of us royals your Majesty.

Enjoy the notes of classic black tea with a citrus finish.

2oz averages 30 cups

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Flavor Notes: Classic black tea flavor up front with hints of peach and citrus. As you sip past the citrus, enjoy the little hint of rose and sweet fruit note finish.

Ingredients: Black tea leaves, Green Honey-bush, Orange Peel, Apricot Bits, Peach bits, Candied Pineapple and Papaya Bits, Rose Petals, Vanilla Bean, Natural Flavor

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