April 24, 2020 brando hosty 0 Comments

In this day and age, no matter what path you are in life, you most likely have been running around keeping busy…you have been running around to make ends meet. You are a creator of your life.

Things are fast in the modern age but it is still important to remember yourself. Not to loose yourself in chaos.

That is what tea time is for us.

Tea time is the window of time we give ourselves to take a second to slow down. The couple minutes you have while waiting for the tea to brew can be the most calming couple minutes of the day.

Many things change in life but the tea time rituals to calm thy spirit has been constant for generations.

Royalty, in the past and present, understood this. Tea time is the time for YOU. It is meant as a break from the day.

How can we be productive and find the royal spirit within ourselves?

This series will cover topics you can perhaps think about to better understand yourself and others.

To see just how there truly is a queen in everyone.

Kick your feet up and find what makes you royal your Grace.

From all of us @ the Queen’s tea